The shirts in our collection are merely an example of what we offer.

We offer tailored fit shirts, and regular fit shirts.
Both regular and tailored fit shirts have extra length, so you don’t have to tuck in your shirt every time you reach up.

shirt tailored fit white
shirt tailored fit white back
shirt regular fit white
shirt regular fit white back

Our collars combine the models from the good old days with a modern, comfortable fit.

We’re not going to bore you with the original names. We call them by their sentiment.

Shirt the Monk white mandarin collar
Shirt the Priest white Roman collar
Shirt the Duke white wingtip collar
shirt the Pirate white open high collar

Shirt the Butcher white club collar
Shirt the barber white
Shirt the General white
Shirt the Musketeer

Create your own shirt, combining a fit, a collar, and cuffs.

Straight barrel cuff
Round barrel cuff
Angled barrel cuff
French cuff